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the price. >> he committed acts with the boys several times and assured it was normal. the kids aref hope ok. they can find justice for them. >> he made headlines back in the when he talked about the controversy behind the custody battle between farrow and woody allen. we also reached out to her california and the office had no comment.
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two pages filled with charges of this one ijust like holding, the bond is set for $800,000. >> thank you very much. they say agents came into the guns at theew their old daughter, and she was not armed. we are live with what went down today. >> executing a search warrant, a drug casen with they are working on. we are taking a look at it, it the names ofude anyone that live in the house. they want to know why agents bursting in on them early this morning. ini told them to go back
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their room. >> shown here in pink, upstairs friends or spending the night. they say he came up to the room and saw 15 fbi agents coming inside. >> nobody is armed, and nobody has a gun. >> then he heard gunfire. >> it was all for nothing. >> she was treated for a flesh wound and released. they say they don't even own any guns. the fbi has only said that agents from the baltimore field
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office were executing a search warrant when shots were fired. others heard the gunfire and were stunned. >> nothing ever happens over here. >> until today. >> as you can see, fbi agents at home in district heights. the top of the indictment, that is tony adams. he says that he does know tony, but at no time has he ever lived here. the attorney's office say they will release more on this case coming up shortly. >> temperatures reached 50 and be here like they could for the weekend. >> these numbers are below
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for this time in the month of november. right now, 46 and cloudy outside of the weather center. it is a clearing of the cloud cover. 43 in gaithersburg, 43 in martinsburg. so mainly cloudy and chile evening, dropping temperatures earlier this evening. a bit of a northerly breeze. it is pretty pleasant and we issue of athat .oastal storm we will do that in detail. >> alexis simpson is accused of
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in theirer roommate dorm room. there live with that. >> she admitted that she killed her college roommate, but that mean to do it. and that it was self-defense. the jury got the case just a few minutes ago. >> i had to defend myself, i was scared. over the first two weeks of the year, she said that would bed that she jumped by them. she described a brutal fight frazier and her friends.
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she said she was so scared, she knife in hopes that she could escape her dorm room. she said that she was scared. i started swinging the knife. she said that she panicked when from herlood coming neck. it was hard to watch. >> we know that she has never been involved in anything like that. >> prosecutors tried to paint a t picture, bringing up tweets that she posted back then. she asked her if she hated her because she was gay. prosecutor, and the held up a knife like this one. she said that it looked like one
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used but she cried, i was swinging so that they would get away. mean to stab her. also under cross-examination, she admitted that she could have just walked out of the apartment. the point was that she made the choice. the judge said he will keep them about two hours to deliberate tonight and if they verdict, there be back tomorrow. >> a grand jury has indicted a 21-year-old foreign exchange student accused of trying to the federal reserve bank in new york. they try to provide material qeda.t to al -- al qaeda. >> on capitol hill, the investigations and the deadly libya are under way.
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secretary of state hillary clinton will appear before after thebut only department internal review is completed. the former cia director will testify at congressional tomorrow, has denied that his resignation had do with that terror attack. scott freeman will have more the scandal.ving >> president obama at seeing firsthand the devastation that remains. they met with people still power, and he vowed to with them until the rebuilding is complete. donations have come from all country without are pitching here in. >> president obama was able to helicopter over some of
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area to see how extensive the destruction was. people continue to roll up their sleeves and find all kinds of different ways to help those victims. these students at the middle school were already hard at , backpacks with toiletries, toys, school supplies, and more still suffering. it was the seventh grader that thed her principal how middle schoolers could help. her cousins fled from the storm. >> she was looking at pictures and started crying. i wanted to do whatever i could help. >> a national nonprofit based in whose founders started the .peration
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>> our son was watching the in he was really and wanted toad help. >> as these students were helping, president obama met first responders, families, and local officials. >> we are going to be here until rebuilding is complete. , anyonetionals stadium can drop off donations. people can bring their donations to national stadium to , alle to the team store as our lady of high school. they said they will donate their trucks and their time to get those goods to the people that
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need them most. and help to the store the t-se people in need, shirts and these are on sale. reporting live, rebecca cooper, news. >> parents protest before a hearing about closing schools. will their voices be a tough to change minds? >> it workers' strike could put end to some of your favorite desserts. g aboutas scary thinkin what can go wrong. >> a special roadside delivery. here the story about how little get to theot wait to hospital. >> the popular five our energy
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>> energy drinks are a popular butthey get a quick boost warning thatts are they can be dangerous. >> 13 people have died an the five hour energy drink is being investigated.
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>> the fda is investigating popular energy shot deaths.lted in maker says, when taken the product as harmless. >> they offer the extra energy but some say they can be deadly. investigating whether it to the deaths of 13 people and hospitalization of others. monster energy has been linked according to fda investigations including hagerstown last december. her mother speaks out against these popular drinks. >> other ingredients include caffeine, you do not know how much you are getting. >> the product is intended for busy adults and has about as caffeine as leading premium
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coffee. the hospital center cardiologist the drinks are dangerous. >> we don't know the danger is be --se there will >> consumers say the product should have more information about what is in them. >> the more information the people have to take what they put for bodies. >> it also covers the makers of the drink. timesis about 50 or 60 in one energyned drink? there is growing concern about being available for
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children. >> the cdc is urging african american women to take advantage low-cost mammograms. there are more likely to die cancer than white women. black women are less likely to get mammograms. >> taken the end of the line twinkies. the company says it will try to liquidate the entire place in bankruptcy court. they are striking for better wages. if it were not for ding dongs, i not have gotten through high-school. >> i will find a new vice.
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>> let's talk about this weather. >> the way things are trending, november will be below average , so let's jump into it. then, these guys little bit from the overcast. generally a cloudy day, they will continue to clear out of region. temperatures are chile right now and will be colder overnight. currently would bridget 46, a high of 48. already with the sun set behind arethe temperatures starting to drop. 49 degrees in annapolis right now, 48 in the capital. emanating from an area of low pressure. a little bit of rainfall
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associated with this. they will stay south and east of the area. bright and sunny all day. the temperature trend will continue. it washes it out, and the next as theill act coastal ground for a area of low pressure. towould intensify right up seaboard that had kinds of nasty scenarios associated with it. developing along the coast, it has a lot of positive implications for our area and stormieste chance of
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and adverse weather. that is the story as we head through the week. more sunshine, still on the cool side. the when the continuing out of north, and the numbers get a little bit cooler. that storm is out over the ocean. if the storm winds up further to east, it looks terrific. partly sunny skies and a quick peek of the national weather picture. a storm in the pacific northwest, everybody else looks good. >> something else that looks e a groceryv giveaway. >> you just have to watch good go to theon,
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site and you can enter right to win antest page gift card.y the winner will be announced tuesday and on wednesday, will get a $5,000 gift card. >> feed them while you can. twihards everywhere excited and sad. we will break down breaking dawn ii and see if it lives up to the fans' expectations. >> i am feeling better than i have been eight years. >> veterans suffering from the gst -- ptsd.
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>> a baby is doing better after out life on the side of a country road. dodge but they decided they did want to wait and 4,000 miles from the medical destination, a woman gave birth with the help of an 911 dispatch.
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>> she has a story, warm and in the hospital maternity ward. but she started out in a coal car on a country road. >> i knew she was coming. >> she realized the baby was t to arrive and she told her friend pull over. >> i immediately called 911. >> tried to get somebody out there, the baby is coming. dodge the safety marshall took the job. >> i was nervous, too. >> she follows the instructions she ise dispatcher, wonderful. >> you got it?
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>> it is a girl. >> right now, try to cover up the baby. >> marshall heard the sound she was waiting for. as for the mom and the baby, well, it was a hectic ordeal. >> i am not sure exactly what everybody happened, did a good team effort. >> that is the kind of have been you hope to any kind of crisis. , just one week until thanksgiving, the two women are already waiting in line for black friday deals. i was sure you wear. >> sentiment
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> some parents voiced their opinions today. >> is standing room only, a g that is likely to go well into the night. the proposal to close one out of roughly six schools. it is the first of two days of hearings in the d.c. council and theosing schools withers were packed against while outside closingtargeted for protested and pointed to empty housing homes being
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renovated. >> we will have 600 residents back with no school to go to. >> i like the teachers and the programs they got running. dodge the chancellor said 123 many for 45,000 public-school students. >> we are spending a lot of on under-utilized buildings. e average building usage is 64%, others we are utilizing only 25% of the building. a >> residents point to the new arelopment and new home beng now is not the time to closing schools. >> your affecting the families, kids, and this community. >> a mother whose son was a homicide victim. >> your sending children to neighborhoods that are fighting with each other and
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lot of stuff a going on. 60% of educate about students leading the charter schools that had their own buildings. there'll be another hearing held november 19. reporting live from the john wilson building, abc seven news. >> the principle has turned herself into the police, they issued an arrest warrant yesterday. she into female staffers are beating up a former female employee. the other two women also turned themselves in to police. >> the 66-year-old brother of accused of farrow is
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multiple offenses of child sexual abuse. >> closing arguments underway in of a university students. she is charged with killing her roommate. they say that she stabbed her n argument. >> president obama headed to s.i. for a firsthand look at the devastation. he met with people still without power while waiting in line for supplies. he vowed to stick with them the building is complete. >> a record settlement and of bp are now facing manslaughter charges. two and half years ago, this was the gulffic scene in mexico. the explosion of deep water horizon 6 miles off the coast of
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louisiana. 200 millionout oil in thecrude water. >> they have agreed to plead guilty to all 14 criminal charges, including for the deaf of 11 people. they have also agreed to pay billions of dollars in fines and penalties. >> the largest total criminal resolution in u.s. history. they still have a devastating the fishing industry, worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. >> they made a tragic situation worse. >> they were charged with because ofr negligence. a third employee was charged with making false statements to investigators about the
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slow rate of oil. the chairman says the company resolution.s they made it clear this is not the end. >> travelers hit a speed bump of computernks to a break at united airlines. passengers said their flights for two hours. this will be the third computer outage since june.
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stretch and3 mile the lane has been reopened. accident heading north bound, write lands are blocked. coming out of the district, arlington and on the we see the traffic on the city. back to you. >> george washington university has fallen off and nationalist of the best colleges in the country. >> twilight fans react to this series grande valley. >> the build where express lanes opening up this weekend. how much it will ultimately cost
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>> the final movie of the
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is out thisies weekend. went with all the biggest friends. >> i was the only man in the theater. a battledon builds to shocking twists. a great move for a series that jolt.eded a battle puts energy into the grand finale. kristen stewart is a newly vampire and mother to hum half-vampire child. taylor lautner whose abs fans o watch returns.
5:41 pm
they go to satisfy the mostly female crowd. >> vampires and fantasy. >> this was a big finale. am kind of sad because i can't see it anymore. >> breaking don concludes one of successful franchises. the weekend best bet is lincoln, skyfall. also opening this weekend, silver lining playbook. if you love this series, you will love this movie. it does and really well with lots of action. >> you have convinced me. >> he needs to see it for the half human child.
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>> i had a teacher in high d swear was i coul half a vampire. lining up for black friday deals, still a week away? it's a deal worth about long a wait? >> and helping service mem
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>> more and more troops are from post-traumatic stress disorder. >> other experts say that number is much higher. >> it is proving to be the best medicine yet. sergeantave left the -- wounded. >> it has been a big symptom. >> he has spent years trying to get professional help, but really seemed to work met this golden retriever.
5:46 pm
>> i don't think i have had a she has beence with me. >> she is trained to wake him out of a nightmare. her, i know i am reality. >> midrange and provides service .ogs >> i will be at that point where i am shaking. the next thing i know, her head is in my lap. >> she can detect symptoms like public at the crowded event. i noticed that i was getting pretty anxious and she took me out. weeks, i am feeling i have in eight years. >> the organization also trains
5:47 pm
there be dogs. >> they attend therapy sessions with them. >> the dog will put his head on my client's lap. >> that often cancel their s the dog ises there. >> they are excited to be there. >> with the dogs leading the are able tos maneuver through the minefields ptsd. >> comfort dogs for seriously and confined veterans. become a place that will last a lifetime. a marine sending his station
5:48 pm
part duringt took halftime. staff sgt joshua with a friend came on the field, everything and everybody else disappeared because he was home. >> the looks on their faces are priceless. black friday is a week away, already lining up of scores -- stores to get bigger bargains. they are outside of best buy in california. the store manager says this is earliest they have ever seen form but thert to deals, they say, it is worth it. dooru can't beat the buster's, it is first-come, first-served.
5:49 pm
>> that is time they can spend with their families. dodge the average shopper is expected to spend nearly $750 this year. >> they will stay out there this long? >> are they skipping thanksgiving altogether? >> they can order a turkey sandwich. see what is coming up tonight at 6:00. >> the cia is investigating the personal affairs of its former boss. the latest on the scandal involving the general. will be testifying tomorrow. there is information about the that sparked the investigation, and what triggered the investigation. nine gang members have been indicted for a list of .obberies it will see you at 6:00. >> your favorite shows are new
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tonight. daily trip to arizona to helping case and aatric exposed, olivia ask take care of it. theill get a check on weather, a couple of ladies outside the next seven we would like the seven- day forecast. >> it will be chilly during the day and cold at night. will start you off with a around theperatures area. washington at 48, 49 in annapolis, the degrees in fredericksburg, cloud coverage pretty extensive. all coming from an area of low pressure that will be moving across the carolinas. and then clouds and sunshine tomorrow, a sunny day on
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while all the while, temperatures are below average. clear and cold, the temperatures trend overnight. a nice autumn day as we climbed 54 degrees. sunday and monday looked to be cloudy and chile and the lower 50's. p toweather leading u thanksgiving looks pretty good. the travel forecast is calling for a pretty good weather. partly cloudy weather for the day.ravel from that in a little bit. the think that the rest of is a must win situation. the redskins were on the field with an upbeat practice. seven games left and five in the
5:52 pm
division. they're taking this as motivation, washington plays the eagles on sunday. there will probably be aboutble, but it will be the defense. we have this report looking forward. dodge the offense has made plays look easy at times, the defense is still struggling to push through the obstacles. >> people will see it on paper. games, five division not getting any easier. >> i did not think they did it. >> the review will start in of michael veeck on sunday. elusive, but he has just as many weapons. >> it is hard to key in on one
5:53 pm
if we can foster them a make them throw some turnovers, we have a chance. >> the defense is thirtieth in allowed, so the players not just looking for the win, they're looking to regain reputation.e >> if we went out and play great football, and fulfill all of our goals, it will be a great season. >> more on the redskins coming up at 6:00. yesterday's shot of the day, how about the bicycle kick. they huge gold for sweden, clear the ball with his head. a bicycle kick from 30 yards out, all four goals a 4-2 win over the brits.
5:54 pm
they are saying that might be greatest goal ever in the history of the sport. >> i have tons of tats, tons of ink. c 7 news at 5:00. >> george washington university in the rankings
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+ >> at george washington university is often ranked in schools of the country. >> the ranking has been taken away and students are upset. >> we paid it go there, and we out it is not ranked? we are extremely annoyed. >> they found out that their d anymore. not ranke
5:58 pm
they officially moved the school to the unranked category after learning the university was reporting data over past decade. >> we are paying a lot of money if we are not ranked any think it is ridiculous. >> i know i looked at the world longerand the fact is no further complicates application dollar around. >> their reported 78% of the rank in the top 10%, but the actual number was r less. only 58%. >> that they were messing with figures and they got caught. >> if it was intentional, that is a problem. >> the president says it was a system and reporting not intentional. >> it is certainly an
5:59 pm
error, you don't want to find out something like but you have an obligation it and make sure it not happen again. >> the printed publication doesn't come out for another year, so the university has time make changes. >> that is it for the news at 5:00. we now have abc seven news at 6:00. 6:00, the story at investigation. >> the agency has begun an exploratory probe into the of david petrus yes after an last week extramarital affair. the scandal has played out in of the males.

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